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The Mumbai Trilogy

Akul Tripathi

Akul Tripathi is an actor and a freelance writer for broadcast, print and new media. He writes travel, history, mythology and fantasy, aiming always to mix them together. Lies, stories and imagination, he believes are the threads that have and continue to embroider the human experience.

Mumbai From Dreamy Isles to the Isle of Dreams - Walking across Mumbai, Akul Tripathi realised, there is so much he doesn’t know about the city he was born in. So taking a ride down the various rabbit holes that Mumbai is littered with, he pieces together the events and times that led seven rocks in the Arabian Sea to become the destiny of a billion people.

Being Mumbai The Pearl in Murky Waters - His interest piqued by his jaunts across the seven isles of yore that formed Mumbai, Akul Tripathi strides around the harbour to explore the face of Mumbai that greets the sun but lives under the shadow of it’s more glamorous western promenade.

Alpha City Mumbai Island on Steroids - In the concluding part of the trilogy, Akul Tripathi takes a hike across the suburbs of northern Mumbai, and what he conveys is not just the sheer sweep of the city, but the sheer audacity of men who made this monumental swathe of a megapolis, a reality.