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Smoog (n) /smu:g/: A small furry creature who gives people kisses in dreams.

How did the name smoogs come around?

Neha's 8 year old cousin writes children's stories and was asked to come up with a creative name for the company.

What is smoogs.io?

Smoogs.io provides software which enables content owners to sell little bits of content for little bits of money - Users pay as they consume. We make use of cryptocurrencies to provide the missing link which makes the process quick, safe and economically viable for our clients and their precious followers.

Who is smoogs.io for?

The beta product works for online music and video content, but we are working on the process for text as well to include magazines, newspapers, and books.

Sign up to be a Client, set up your streams and pricing, and put the videos on your website with simple iframe embed code. When you're all set up, let your followers know about the new way to offer their support!

Users are given a universal "Smoogie" account without needing to signup or install anything, they just top-up and start watching.

Which devices are supported by smoogs.io?

All devices which use a web browser will work with smoogs.io.

How can I become a research partner?

Just send an email to hello@smoogs.io.

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Bitcoin (n) /ˈbɪtkɔɪn/: A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
  • For a quick intro to Bitcoin check Bitcoin.org. Find more detailed information Here.

How do I get bitcoin?

You can get bitcoin from an online exchange, bitcoin ATMs, or peer-to-peer transfer. There is a lot of great information in the link above, but let us know if you need help!

What is a bitcoin wallet address/ What is a receive address?

This is information unique to your wallet, and the way someone sends you bitcoin. The location of the receive address varies from app to app but there will be an option similar to either "Receive bitcoin" or "My wallet address".

I'm using Mac OSX and I am not able to send any bitcoin from any app.

In the Security and Privacy settings pane, make sure that you have selected "Anywhere" in location for downloading apps. See image below.


Why should I use smoogs.io?

We are changing the way you consume online media, by reducing the whole process of payments to a few mouse clicks.

We're partnering with highly creative people with quality content you'll love, and they deserve some recognition for their work. Support them!

How do I top-up my smoogie account?

If you've got your bitcoin wallet handy, you can top-up on smoogs.io, or you can find your stream on a client website, click the "Add Funds" button on the media player and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is my smoogie balance safe?

There are lots of security measures in place on the Bitcoin protocol, and we do our best to ensure your funds are safe as well. However, we suggest that you don't use the smoogie like a normal wallet.

Why is my balance showing less bitcoin than I sent to top-up my smoogie?

There is a small incentive paid to the bitcoin miners who process transactions and ensure the system continues working. The fee is paid by the party initiating the transaction.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of bitcoin I can put in my smoogie?

Because of the miners fee, you should send at least "X + Fee" where X is the amount necessary to watch your stream. You are better off sending a larger amount (e.g $10) in the beginning so you can watch any other streams you may find interesting as well - fewer top-ups means less fees paid, and any unused funds will be returned to your refund address. There is no maximum, however we recommend not storing large amounts on your smoogie.

What happens if I close my browser and I have not refunded my balance?

As long as you do not clear your browser cookies and cache, you will see your funds the next time you visit a site using the smoogs.io media player. After 7 days, unused funds will be returned to you automatically.

What happens if I clear my browser cookies and cache?

Your funds will be secure but unavailable to you; It is automatically refunded 7 days from your initial top-up. You will need to top-up a new smoogie to continue viewing content.

Can I stream from more than one device when I top-up my account?

No. Only the device which initiated the transaction can be used to view content.