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I accidentally cleared my browser's cache or storage and my money has disappeared, have I lost it?
No, you haven't lost your money. It is all stored in an escrow on a public ledger called the blockchain. We have placed a 7 day backup for just these scenarios. In 7 days, your funds will automatically be sent back to you.
I sent $10 but my balance shows $9.80 (or similar). What happened to $0.20?
There is a small transaction fee that is charged when you first top-up your account.
I am using Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. The videos are not working.
We are currently working on providing support for those browsers. If you have Chrome or Firefox, the videos will work on that.
I am using Firefox and I can't hear anything.
Make sure you move the cyan dot around in the video controls next to the speaker icon.
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