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Xavier Robinson

In a world of love, laughter and marital bliss lies a twisted dark river of jealousy, hatred and revenge. This latest work by best-selling author Xavier Robinson (also known by Rex Ivar), tells of the lives of Jamie and Sally-Ann Jarvis. Newly married and happily obsessed with each other. However, obsession can lead down a dark road. When Sally-Ann is told that she may never conceive, her self-destruction and torment means her husband foolishly takes comfort in the arms of another women. When Jamie sees the error of his ways and tries to end it, the adulteress is so determined to wreck the lives of Jamie and his wife that she will go to any length to see them ruined. His life in turmoil, Jamie befriends Jason and Steve who, he finds, can help him regain some of the life he had once treasured and cause suffering to the woman who brought him misery. Can Jamie and Sally-Ann battle the demons in their own head as well as those who seek to bring them to their knees? What unfolds is a story of hatred, pain, suffering, forgiveness and ultimately revenge.